Rules for Drowning 
by Keefe Healy
Reviewed by Tim Wilcock 
17 August 2011
“Recommended Show”
“…this is a really good piece of theatre that both deserves and needs exposure...As a portrayal of what has been happening in America over the last three years, it is frighteningly real…..Writer Keefe Healy has done an excellent job with his script. It’s a credible and accurate portrayal of a period that many will want to erase from their memory banks...”

Moment House 
by Keefe Healy, Alexis Latham, 
and Suzanne Mackay
"...the masterfully written script, one of the best I've come across, is done justice by the outstanding cast" 
***** Three Weeks (Edinburgh)

​Budapest Kiseret 
by Keefe Healy directed by Suzanne Mackay
"Fringe veterans Firefly return with a thoughtful production that questions chance, fate, and the reasons for our choices."
 **** The List (Edinburgh)

G-City Monologues 
by Keefe Healy concept and direction by Suzanne Mackay
"This is an excellent new show, which incorporates all the elements that make it a classic Fringe experience."
**** Three Weeks (Edinburgh)

Fish Dancing
by Keefe Healy concept and direction by Suzanne Mackay
"a dreamy powerful piece of theatre that will move you as sure as the tides move the ocean" **** The Scotsman (Edinburgh)
"....the simple staging is brilliantly effective..Atmospheric and symbolic." **** Three Weeks (Edinburgh)
Dennis McSorley was nominated for best actor at the Brighton Fringe Festival for his portrayal of Locke, the part originally played by Jordan Gullikson in Edinburgh.

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