123 S Main St
Cambridge, VT 05444

Cabaret Guignol  
Created by: Kyle Bouchard, Gahlord Dewald, Meghan Dewald, Jordan Gullikson, Keefe Healy, Bonnie Kolber, Brett Lanier, Suzanne Mackay, and Jane Beaumont Snyder
Events and Productions:

Fey Bothy: A Dust Bowl Freak Show 
Exploring the immigration, tolerance, and survival of the undesirables of the 1930's: Winter 2017

The Tale of Madelon
The companion piece to our 2014 Prague Fringe production Cabaret Guignol Coming 2017/18 

Food for Thought
Written by Keefe Healy , puppets by Amanda Timmins for the Idiom Theatre's "Serial Killers" Theatre Festival February 2016

Any Chance for Glory  
      Keefe Healy's play based on Bill McKone's book,       The Irish Rebel : In Rep

Cabaret Guignol 
Our 2014 Prague Fringe Show: In Rep