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     ​Formally based  in Cambridge VT, and now in Bellingham WA, Firefly Productions Inc. has been in operation since the Spring of 1996, becoming a not-for-profit corporation in May of 1998. Co-founders Suzanne Mackay and Keefe Healy met at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1994. They were there with West Coast USA company First Myth Theatre and Dance Company, and the East Coast USA Green Candle Theatre Company respectively. Their passion for new writing sparked both conversation and collaboration, as they worked together to bring Keefe Healy’s first Fringe show In the Blood to the 1995 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, directed by Suzanne Mackay, and produced by The Green Candle Theater Company.  The success of this production inspired the creation of their own company, and Firefly Productions Inc. was born.
     In the beginning the focus was the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where the company performed every year to critical acclaim. However, expanding the goals as a company past the Fringe Festival quickly became a top priority. In 1998 an new play search called "The Nancy Weil New Play Search" began, garnering ten annual winners, many of which came to full production, and a select few to the Trilogy theatre in NYC, directed by Mackay. The company also began offering interships at home and abroad in production, acting, and public relations, as well as touring with acting workshops throughout Vermont. In 2006 the Brighton Fringe Festival was added to the touring, and in 2008, Firefly Productions  Inc. created a home for their classes and productions, and founded The Artfull Cup Studio and Sunrise Cafe. The Prague Fringe Festival was added to the touring docket in 2014, with the their collaborative offering Cabaret Guignol, which Prague Theatre and Film called "visually stunning, atmospherically captivating, and absolutely mesmerizing from start to finish". Jenny Payne
     As a company, Firefly Productions Inc.strives to provide affordable theater to diverse audiences. To develop cultural and historical educational curriculum and internships, and to reach out for brand new works of theater, in order to find, learn, experience, and preserve our current theatrical and cultural trends
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